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Beginning to Advanced. Primary to Adult

Price: text - $19.50
ISBN: 0-86647-123-5



"Lexicarry is the best single all in one language learning resource that we have come across." Greg Thompson: Summer Institute of Linguistics International. Review

Lexicarry offers a fun, active, conversational approach to language learning. With this book you can learn any language the active way using one of the Lexicarry word lists and/or someone who knows the language.

The book has 142 pages of full-color drawings illustrating functional language and vocabulary in 190 situational and topical contexts. This amounts to over 4500 everyday words and expressions. The pictures make conversation and interactive learning easy.

Unlike standard "picture dictionaries," Lexicarry stimulates talk, lots of talk, while students build their speaking skills and learn vocabulary.


Students learn by discussing the objects, places, and activities in the drawings, working together in pairs, as a class, or with native speakers. The illustrations are not labeled, and this naturally challenges and excites the students' imaginations and helps them retain the language. The brilliant colors and often humorous drawings add to the fun of working with Lexicarry.

A great variety of learning activities are explained in detail in two new guides. The first, "The Introduction for the Student" is a simple "How to learn with Lexicarry," a brief and practical learner's guide. It appears in the book and, for free, here on Lexicarry.com.

The other guide given in "Materials for the Teacher" here on this website includes easy-to-follow "How to" suggestions for all sorts of teachers, a sharing pool of bright ideas and experiences from other teachers, and links to related professional sites.

The sections of Lexicarry are:
* Functions - expressions and phrases used in everyday life shown in dramatic contexts
* Sequences of actions
* Related actions
* Operations
* Topics - vocabulary items related to one theme
* Places - both scenes/rooms and the things we find and do there And a new section in this 3rd edition of Lexicarry illustrating 54 common
* Proverbs and Sayings - a dynamic way of sharing both language and cultural insights

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